Location Address

GPS Coordinates: 44.270066, -79.540373

977 Isabella Street

Belle Ewart, Innisfil


L0L 1C0

Features of Boat Launch

Paving – Yes, this is a paved launch. 

Dock – No, there is no dock at this boat launch. 

Suitable For – This boat launch is 1 lane wide. However, there is limited room to maneuver in front of the ramp, and the water is quite shallow. This ramp would be more suitable for small-medium sized boats. 

Parking – No, there is not public parking at this boat launch. Many users have recommended street parking nearby. 

Amenities – There are no attached public amenities to this boat launch. It is however located right next to Lake Simcoe Marine. This would be ideal for customers who are looking to rent a boat, fishing equipment, or anything else. Lake Simcoe Marine also has its own boat launch, which is considerably more extensive than this ramp. 

Comments – Please note that due to the coronavirus, accessibility and usage requirements of public spaces may change in 2020. This is in accordance with laws which enforce physical distancing and closure of public spaces. Please check the Innisfil Boating Webpage and Coronavirus Update Page for up to date info on whether the boat launches are open, and whether physical distancing requirements are in place.  

Fees – This is a free boat launch. It is publicly accessible. 

Nearby Attraction

It is notable that this launch is directly beside Lake Simcoe Marine. This is particularly helpful if you are looking to rent a boat, or any equipment you may need. 

Aside from that, this boat launch is located in Belle Ewart, a community just south of Innisfil. There are many trails, parks, beaches, and outdoor space located near and within Belle Ewart. 

For an updated list of attractions and openings, be sure to check the Innisfil website

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Please check here for an updated weather forecast for Innisfil. 


Because this is a public boat launch on a residential street, reviews are hard to come by. There is commentary from members of the community on online message boards and town newspapers

Overall, this boat launch has received very mixed reviews. The positive aspects seem to focus on the fact that this is a free boat launch, which is maintained by the municipality. If you are simply looking for a place to launch your boat on your own, without having to pay any fees, then this launch may be exactly what you are looking for. 

The negative reviews on the other hand, focus on what this dock lacks. Notably, there is not any parking attached to this launch. You will have to find street parking, or a nearby parking lot. Additionally, the launch is quite small, with not a lot of run up in the form of open space. This make it not only difficult to maneuver a trailer into place, but also makes this launch only suitable for small to medium boats. 

Be sure to consider your own needs when considering this boat launch. If you have a larger boat, you are better off checking out the launch at Innisfil Beach Park.